While driving in car one cold afternoon, I heard a news story on National Public Radio about Syrian refugees fleeing refugee camps in Turkey by crossing the rough and freezing waters of the Aegean Sea. A boat carrying 39 men, women and children hit the rocks of the Island of Nero and threw many into the water. The reporter covering the story mentioned a three-year-old boy as one of the passengers who was not able to be rescued. Immediately, my mind went to my sweet and silly three year old, Miles, and my heart broke.

While everything in me wanted to simply switch the channel, I knew that my ignorance did not mean that pain and suffering wasn’t happened. In that moment, I made the choice to do something. I felt God telling me that He uniquely positioned me to raise money and help others make a difference.



This isn’t a profit making business, but an opportunity to give generously to an organization working to stop people from losing their lives at sea. Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) is dedicated to saving lives at sea by providing professional search and rescue to people in distress. In its’ first to year, MOAS has rescued nearly 12,000 people who were fleeing violence and oppression.

Visit MOAS for the rest of their story.



What happens to my $20 dollars? $10 from each sale goes directly to helping volunteers on the ground save lives and recover stranded refugee men, women and children. The remaining money goes to cover the cost of the materials, printing and packaging.

If you want a breakdown of each cost, send me a message. It's not about making a profit, it's about saving lives together.

“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”
1 John 3:18


The designs were inspired by the desire to raise awareness and funds to help rescue those fleeing their homes to escape war, violence and oppression. With the perfect blend of soft texture, slim fit and good cause, it’s the shirt you’ll never want to take off.